Linkbot + SmartThings = Awesomeness!

We recently got the SmartThings Maker Kit and have had a great time playing with the functionality when paired with the Linkbot. Robots bridge the gulf between the digital world and physical world, and now, with the SmartThings Hub, you can control the Linkbot with your smart phone from anywhere in the world!

Our goal was this: Solve a problem that most people have utilizing only one Linkbot and the SmartThings Hub. First we were thinking goldfish feeder, or maybe auto-adjusting window blinds, but we settled on the Linkbot Gardener. Whenever I go on long trips my plants suffer, but no longer!

DSC00832 DSC00834

*Garden hat sold separately… 🙂

The Linkbot has a $1 conductivity sensor in the soil to measure moisture, and a $1 conductivity sensor in the cap to measure if the bottle is out of water. You can set the Linkbot to water automatically or use your SmartThings App to water it remotely!


We’ve used the ThingShield to control the Linkbot so far, but we have Zigbee built into each module and we’re working on a wireless control straight from the SmartThings Hub. If you have any thirsty plants, check out our Kickstarter:



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