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    Abdul Karim

    I spoke with a Barobo representative at San Mateo Maker fair and I though he mentioned that your link bot offers high precision absolute motion encoding for its rotating face-plates. But when I look at your kick starter, you’re offering modules for < $150. I’ve given up some robotics projects in the past because of how expensive positional encoding sensors are. How have you managed to get two absolutely encoded rotating face-plates + micro controller with wireless and accelerometer in such a small package? An encoded motor attached to an arduino compatible board at this price opens up a lot of options for a spare-time hobbyist like me.



    Hey Abdul!

    We something like this: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/RDC803001A-RDC803001-360-degrees-rotation-resistance-type-sensor-original-new-100-ALPS-SWITCH/315093_770390326.html Basically, it is a potentiometer with 2 wipers attached so that the dead zone of each wiper is covered by its partner… Each wiper can do about 340 degrees, but there is a “dead zone” of about 20 degrees. The 20 degrees not covered by the first wiper is covered by the second wiper, which is typically 180 shifted from the first wiper. Our firmware continuously monitors the output of each wiper and intelligently chooses (using a fuzzy-logic algorthim) the wiper that is optimal to use.

    I totally agree about your comment about encoders! We have used magnetic and optical encoders in the past… They all have their pros and cons, but we have been very pleased with our setup so far!

    – David

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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