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    The software keeps crashing, there is no updated technical dcoumentation, the modules are useless and don’t respond properly to the code (both Mac OSX and Windows). Overall, it is an utter waste of money. The company doesn’t even respond to your emails.



    Hi lexnasser,

    I’m certain we can help you troubleshoot the crashes and any incorrect behavior you’re seeing with your Linkbots. Could you describe the issues in greater detail? Specifically, the following information would be helpful:

    1. Version(s) of Windows / OS X you have tried.
    2. Version of Linkbot Labs that you’re using.
    3. Steps to reproduce the crashes. If it’s an intermittent crash, do you notice any patterns, such as it only crashing in the firmware updater, or when loading the Linkbot Labs application, or when running a Linkbot program?
    4. A code sample which causes your Linkbots to respond improperly.
    5. Any other information that you think might be relevant, including but not limited to radio environment (are there a great many WiFi or Bluetooth devices in the area?) and virtualization (are you running the software in a virtual machine?).

    I’m sorry that you’ve not received responses from us by email. Please forward your correspondence to me at harris@barobo.com and I will make certain you get a reply.

    Another way to get ahold of us is to call our office during business hours (10-6, M-F). Our office phone number is 530-746-8260.

    Harris Hancock

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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