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    Hi! I just begun testing my (single) Barobo I. The left wheel is completely erratic. As I am in Belgium, transportation and taxes (more than a third of the Barobo price) does not encourage sending it back for repair. I have access to an electronic engineer but what documentation is available for him to open correctly the Barobo (or is it glued?) and check the left wheel motors and position sensors? Thanks for your help!



    Hello Cristophe!

    The first thing we can do to check the motors is to run the robot’s self-test. The self-test is engaged by pressing and holding the A button while the robot is on. After a couple seconds, the motors should begin turning and the LED should start flashing different colors. During this portion of the test, each motor should turn 2 full rotations before reversing directions, and it should continue going back and forth for a long time (30 minutes). The motor motions should be pretty smooth.

    The next thing you can try as connecting to the robot with BaroboLink and looking at the control panel. Try turning the joints with your hands and the sliders that represent the motor positions should move smoothly to follow the positions of the joints.

    If either of these things do not happen correctly, it is possible that one of the encoders on the robot has been damaged. If it is possible, it would be of great debugging assistance if I could get a video of the motor behaviour, or of the BaroboLink screen as you are turning the joints. I can be reached directly at david@barobo.com . Thank you so much for your feedback!

    – David



    Thanks David!

    I will make a video (after the exams of my son in law who is the “user”) but it really looks like an encoder problem. I explained the difficulties if the repair should be done back in USA: do you intend to partially open the design for at least basic repair chores (like cleaning or replacing an encoder) ? Have a nice day!


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