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    I am creating a robotics/coding club for K-2nd grade students and want to know if LinkBots would be developmentally appropriate for them?


    Natalie Ryland

    Simply put, yes. The Linkbot is easy to use right out of the box for those interested in an introduction to robotics and programming as well as those who are more advanced. I am an elementary school teacher and have taught 2nd grade for a couple of years, so I am familiar with the K-2 grade capabilities.

    At the Maker Faire in the Bay Area a few weeks ago I saw kids aged 6 on up easily interacting with the Linkbots. Most kids were easily entertained and challenged by using the Tilt Drive function of the Linkbot. In this mode, they drove the bot around and interacted with other kids’ robots. Unlike a RC controller, you can use Tilt Drive by angling the controlling robot forward, backward, or side to side. It’s very intuitive. They also tried out different locomotions with the available accessories. Kids could also easily make their own accessories for the Linbot out of cardboard and screws to connect it all together. You could have teams of students cooperating together to solve a physical problem, such as maneuvering a ball into a goal. These are just some possibilities for the K-2 grade span.

    Also, for coding interests, there’s another possibility with the Linkbot, called Pose Teaching. Students can record poses that they want the Linkbot to repeat.They simply push the record button on the Linkbot to connect various poses. I don’t actually think that this age range would benefit from doing real coding with interacting with the computer, but it’d be fun for them to see the code that is generated by their movements, which you could easily do. This idea is a bit more difficult for the K-2 range, but if taught in small groups, it can be easily mastered.

    If you do end up using it for the K-2 robotics/coding club, please be sure to let us know how you like it!

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