Research and Teaching

Research and Teaching need a flexible robotic platform that can keep up with the challenges of their cutting edge applications. The iMobot modular robot can be used individually or assembled into clusters to scale up to more advanced experiments. Not only is the hardware flexible, but the software and electrical interface is too. Barobo, Inc. offers a wide variety of sensors, connectors and development kits to allow you to integrate specialized hardware. Once an experiment is finished the modules can be torn down and re-purposed for a new application.

Commercial Applications

Technology is constantly changing and companies need an edge to stay ahead. The iMobot modular robot provides an adaptable and easy to use mechanical platform for quickly prototyping products. Modules can be incorporated into exiting systems to demonstrate product functionality. The easy to use and flexible software and electrical interface makes embedding these modules fast and simple. Modular robots can be used to train for automation, as well as various inspection and telepresence applications.

Photos & Videos



Modular Robot – iMobot

Motion of iMobot Modules

Transforming robots not just science fiction

iMobot — An Intelligent Reconfigurable Mobile Robot

Programming iMobot – an Intelligent Reconfigurable Modular Robot

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