Mobot – Modular Robotics For Education

Mobot Gorilla

The Mobot educational robot broadens student participation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Mobot teamwork will engage students on collaborative learning who might otherwise be inclined not to participate in classroom activities.

The Mobot is designed for K-12 students to safely learn to program robotics while learning STEM subjects seamlessly integrated. Coordinating multiple modules requires teamwork to design a well-organized visual demonstration as well as math and programming skills to produce the desired robot motions. The Mobot is rugged enough to use in a busy classroom and has software to protect itself and users from any unsafe motions. This allows students to hold the robots while running programs.

Mobot is a breakthrough modular robot system developed by Barobo, Inc. and their university partners for K-12 STEM education. A single Mobot is a fully functional robot with four degrees of freedom. It can roll, turn, crawl, stand, and tumble in addition to connecting to each other or accessories using quick release snap connectors. Mobot can be used as building blocks to create exciting shapes like a 4×4 truck, snake, dog, humanoid or anything you can imagine! Each building block is fully programmable, and can be controlled simultaneously, making it extremely versatile for a range of curriculum. Unlike many educational robots out there the Mobot is 100% wireless, no messy wires or connectors to lose. All you need is a computer with built-in Bluetooth communication or a Bluetooth dongle. Each module runs off of two rechargeable 9V batteries (included).

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