This bundle comes with the following product parts:

8x Linkbot Super Kit

2x RoboPlay Pack

2x Activity Mat

1x Barobo 60W 8-Port USB Charger

1x Bundle Carry Case

1x Velcro tape

1 Year Extended Warranty 


With the purchase of an additional RoboPlay Pack, this bundle can be used for two teams in a RoboPlay Challenge Competition.


The recommended primary add-ons for this bundle are

Ch Teaching Lab Licenses for up to 35 machines

RoboPlay Challenge Competition Mat

RoboPlay Challenge Competition Booklets


The recommended secondary add-ons for this bundle are

8x Arduino-Compatible Starter Kit

8x Linkbot Sensor Connection Pack

8x Robot Sensor Pack

8x Pan-Tilt Pack

8 Linkbot Bundle (Grades 5-14)

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