Barobo's RoboBlockly is a block-based computing environment for learning math, coding, robotics, and Arduino.

Based on Google's Blockly, RoboBlockly uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to program and control Barobo's modular Linkbot robot, in both hardware and virtual (on-screen) versions. RoboBlockly makes it easy for beginners to get started learning robotics, coding, and math. More advanced students can delve deeper into C/C++ programming, the most widely used language in industry and college. RoboBlockly can also directly control an Arduino board, allowing students to build projects involving electric circuits, LEDs, and sensors (touch, temperature, infrared, ultrasonic, etc.).

RoboBlockly has over 7,000 ready-to-go learning activities for a range of student levels, as well as provisions for teachers and students to create their own. All math activities in RoboBlockly are Common Core State Standards Mathematics compliant. The CCSS math, math standard, hint, solution procedures, and solutions for each activity are available. Instructors can easily extend these activities and tailor them to their class and school settings.

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