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Join K-12 educators nationwide to bring hands-on learning with Barobo programming applications and Linkbots, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi to your classroom, makerspace, or afterschool program

National and State Math Standards 


“Excellent program.  I really enjoyed learning to integrate Algebra into coding.  It makes a lot of sense, I didn’t know it was possible to just jump in and teach robotics but now I feel confident.  I love the support we received; I can’t stop thinking of different ways of teaching my classes with robotics and programming.”

--- Marilyn Cunneen, Math Teacher

     Huntington Beach, CA

Linkbot is specially designed for hands-on teaching and learning of math in classrooms with a large number of math topics to cover and limited class time. Linkbot is ready to use out of the box and helps students make meaningful connections between abstract math concepts with real-life applications. Lessons and activities are keyed to national and state math standards. Concrete applications with equations, tables, plotting, animation, and motion of robot hardware engage students with deep learning to better understand and retain math concepts. It also develops students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Check out the links below for success stories on how Linkbot can be used to close the math achievement gap as well as increase math performance for at-risk and gifted students alike, and classroom videos on the innovative ways Linkbot may be used in math classrooms.

Computer Science, NGSS, and CTE 

RoboBlockly workspace with side by side

"Students are learning to problem solve. They are learning to collaborate and to persevere and figure things out.”

--- Scott Fortkamp, Applied Math Teacher

     Cincinnati, OH

"Students and teachers like the project, and the district likes the results."

--- Darrel Yater, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum

     Cincinnati, OH

Barobo's LinkbotArduino, and Raspberry Pi  hardware, software, and curriculum bring science, computer science, and career technical education to life in the classroom. By learning through doing with tangible robots, students acquire computational thinking practice and engineering principles as well as communication and teamwork skills. Students get started with easy drag-drop Blockly-based coding first, then smoothly transition to text-based industry standard programming languages such as Ch (C/C++ interpreter). The result is a boost in students' interest and confidence in learning CS, science, and engineering. 

Informal Education


“Great content, very relevant, easy to understand, and I see real potential for my classes, school, and district. I love the Raspberry Pi, that is going to be fantastic, and I’m hoping to put it in an order for some! Currently we use the Arduino, but the interface was much better with the C-STEM Studio.”

--- Paul Werner, High School Science Teacher

     Rocklin, CA

Barobo's robotics technologies can be easily adopted into any informal education program, such as afterschool programs, summer programs, youth camps, clubs, libraries, and museums through Barobo Afterschool Programs. The fun projects  include hands-on coding, robotics, and math activities in RoboBlocky, and making and building with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The informal project-based learning, such as C-STEM RoboPlay Challenge Competitions with solution videos for previous years' challenges, RoboPlay Video Competition, and GIRL/GIRL+ Camps, complements the formal education. It also promotes the integration of formal and informal education, equity and diversity, and social and emotional learning.

District-wide CS and STEAM Innovation

Picnic Day 2019 Makerspace.jpg

“I teach art, music, and drama plus I am a STEAM project leader for our local 4H club. I am excited to show the teacher at my school how programming robots can invigorate her math lessons. I am also super pumped on starting a robotics class for our after school program and possibly coming down to Davis for a competition. When I am able to clone myself, I would really like to build a kinetic float for our town’s 4th of July parade and integrate programed circuits into the moving parts of the float…but that’s just one art idea…there’s also performances, music….it’s endless, quite honestly!”

--- Veronica Stewart, Art, Music, and Drama Teacher

     Trinity Center, CA

Reconfigurable modular Linkbots, and their associated easy-to-use software and curriculum, are especially designed for classroom implementation for grades 3 to 12, and for teachers without any prior experience in coding and robotics. Linkbots may also easily be integrated with Barobo's Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits. They allow science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) teachers of different grade levels, and school district IT staff as well, to conveniently collaborate with and share the same hardware and software platform, easily manage classroom activities, and quickly engage students in hands-on play and learning with STEAM subjects. By the time students graduate from high school, they will have many years of coding experience in Blockly and C/C++.

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