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Professional Development Testimonials

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Integrating Robotics into Math, CS, and Engineering Education


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Comments from recent workshops:

  • “I think this is an exceptional way to implement application of mathematics into course content. This program was really exciting and fun and I feel like the students will enjoy it as well. Today’s training was awesome. Time flew by, it did not feel like 8 hours of training.” Mikalah Jones, High School Teacher, Fresno, California

  • “I learned how to teach mathematics to multiple levels in a very fun and exciting way. This was literally the most engaging training I've had. I loved how exciting and engaging it was as well as getting to collaborate with other staff members. Thank you so much for this training it was very helpful.” Ashley Darby, Elementary School Teacher, Fresno, California

  • “Very informative and exciting! I especially loved how the curriculum aligned with our math textbook. Super helpful!”  Ana Apodaca Valle, Middle School Teacher, Fresno, California

  • “I learned how to incorporate coding naturally and in alignment with the standards I am already expected to teach. It was fantastic instruction paced well and supportive implementation. Great presentation and instruction!” Kaylah Salinas, High School Teacher, Fresno, California

  • "There was so much information that I gathered today that will help with the successful introduction of coding to my students. I am very green in the C-STEM world but today a ton of connections were made in order to help build my confidence to deliver lessons to my students. They are going to be so excited next week!" Ashley Trower, 5th Grade Teacher, Marysville, California

  • "The lessons and assignments for math relevant to what I'm presently teaching--Fractions. I'm ready to try some activities in my classroom right away!" Diana Andersen, 3rd Grade Teacher, Marysville, California

  • “RoboBlocky is awesome! Bringing programming to life with the Linkbot! The instructor was excellent! Really made the content interesting. The materials and online curriculum are fantastic. Excellent workshop. So glad I attended.” Margaret Willett, 9th-12th grade CS/coding teacher, Houston, Texas

  • “The instructor covered an insane amount of content in a concise way that I felt was easy to understand. The Linkbot seems incredibly durable and I am impressed with the modular abilities of it.” Jason Kissell, K-12 tech coach, Grove City, Ohio

  • "Thank you, super informative and easy to follow for someone who has never used programming." Courtney Hesse, 4th grade teacher, Walnut Creek, California

  • "Wow, this workshop is great and I have a lot of ideas for classroom application in my school. This includes tech classes, math, and 'exploration' classes." Donna Chastang, 8th grade technology teacher, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • “Really helpful. Hoping to get some of these for my classroom. The hands-on activities were by far the best part of the workshop! Especially being allowed to play at our own pace!!!! I will be giving high praise to my boss who is the one who suggested I come today. Thanks again!!!” Jeff Wassom, 9th-12th grade coding/robotics teacher, Eaton, Ohio

  • “Love this program!” Kriss Meeker, 7th-8th grade STEAM/coding/robotics teacher, Azle, Texas

  • “Materials are easily attainable by schools and student friendly.” Lynnette Seebacher, 9th-10th grade algebra and geometry teacher, Canfield, Ohio

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive, hands-on activities. The presenter did a fantastic job!" Ed Mondragon, STEM/CTE Coordinator, Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • “Materials were great. Good quality, everything worked as it should. Good mix. Some very easy parts, but plenty of range to find a level that was challenging without being too difficult. Great job!" Tim Crump, 7th-8th grade technology/engineering teacher, Crowley, Texas

  • “The workshop was great! I'm looking forward to exploring the math curriculum further.” Erin Milligan, K-12 county education consultant, Hamilton County, Ohio

  • "I really enjoyed the workshop and have many ideas I can apply to my classroom!" Craig Williams, HS physics and chemistry teacher, Kokomo, Indiana

  • “Excellent pacing, friendly and professional, helpful!” Anne Trachsel, CS/electronics/VR teacher, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  • "I like that we started with the online robot and built up to the actual robot. The explanations of the code were great before we actually ran the programs for the Arduino and robot. I appreciated starting from the very basics and building from there, as I have had no experience with Arduino and robotics." Audrey Boone, 7th-8th grade technology teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • “Was afraid programming/math would be too high level, but was not!” Melissa Broome, 5th-8th grade technology teacher, Madeira, Ohio 

  • “The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.” Thomas Wilson, 6th-8th grade HTML/tech/multimedia teacher, Houston, Texas

  • “The hands-on activities really let me learn it!” Kelly Carlson, HS technology teacher, Hartville, Ohio

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