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Getting Started

Suggested first steps to get started using RoboBlocky, Linkbots, Arduino, and associated hardware and software:

1. Check out our online RoboBlocky software, a block-based computing environment for learning robotics, coding, math, and Arduino, and its interactive and video tutorials. You can get stared with this Getting Started with RoboBlocky including interactive tutorials and video lessons. The Instructor's Guide for getting started with the Prime Curriculum provides additional helpful information.

2. To use hardware Linkbots, Arduino, and/or Raspberry Pi, visit our store for the purchase options.


3. See the Downloads page for the software to install.


4. Setup instructions for using a hardware Linkbot can be found here, and for using an Arduino board here. To learn more about controlling and programming Linkbots and Arduino with RoboBlocky, check out Hour of Code with Linkbot and Arduino. For Linkbots, the "Linkbot Obstacle Course" and "Robot Autonomous Vehicle" activities are good starting points, and for Arduino check out the "Moon Base SOS with Arduino" activity or other activities here. Many more activities can be found on RoboBlocky's Free Curriculum page.

5. Read the first three chapters of the free textbook Learning Robot Programming with Linkbot for the Absolute Beginner (7th edition). (The latest version is included with the C-STEM Studio software, available on the Downloads page.)

6. Try some grade-level-specific  robotics, coding, and math activities in RoboBlocky.

7. Check out the full list of learning and teaching resources.

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