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Professional Development

Professional Development for the

C-STEM/Barobo Mathematics with RoboticsCS/STEAM with Robotics,

Robotics Camps, and Robotics-Math Camps Curricula

(either as supplementary or full curriculum)

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Barobo and the UC Davis C-STEM Center provide professional development sessions for teachers and administrators at school districts that choose to use the Mathematics with Robotics, CS/STEAM with Robotics, Robotics Camps, and/or Robotics-Math Camps curricula. Sessions can be arranged to fit a district's needs and schedule, and follow-up sessions can be arranged as well.


The sessions cover an introduction to the RoboBlocky integrated learning environment and K-12 curriculum, its use with virtual and hardware robots, and its Classroom Management System. Topics include:

  • Enhancing Math, CS, and STEAM education using robots and the RoboBlocky Prime Curriculum on Mathematics with Robotics and CS/STEAM with Robotics to stimulate students’ creativity and imagination

  • Using the Class Management System in RoboBlocky to manage classes, add student accounts, assign homework, grade student submitted homework, and provide feedback, as well as create tests and assessment.

  • Bringing student-friendly robotics and making technologies into distance learning, classrooms, CTE pathways, and after-school programs

  • Programming and controlling both virtual and hardware robots using block-based programming and understanding the connection to C programming

  • Applying coding and robotics activities to subjects such as math, science, engineering, and art

  • Connecting coding and robotics activities to CCSS Math, NGSS, and CS standards

If there are enough participants, sessions can be customized by grade level (e.g., TK-2, 3-6, 7-12). Previous coding or robotics experience is not required.

For more information, please contact us using this form.

Results and Testimonials

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Improving 3rd Grade Standard Math Test Scores by 72% Over 4 Years


Comments from recent onsite workshops:

  • "This workshop is great and I have a lot of ideas for classroom application in my school. This includes tech classes, math, and 'exploration' classes." Donna Chastang, 8th grade technology teacher, Indianapolis

  • "Thank you, super informative and easy to follow for someone who has never used programming." Courtney Hesse, 4th grade teacher, Walnut Creek, California 

  • “The instructor covered an insane amount of content in a concise way that I felt was easy to understand. The Linkbot seems incredibly durable and I am impressed with the modular abilities of it.” Jason Kissell, K-12 tech coach, Grove City, Ohio

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive, hands-on activities. The presenter did a fantastic job!" Ed Mondragon, STEM/CTE Coordinator, Granite School District, Salt Lake City

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