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Barobo, Inc. is the leader in educational robotics for K-12 students learning mathematics, computer science, and engineering design for both classroom and expanded learning. Barobo's innovative robotics technologies and standards-aligned Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Design Curricula provide K-12 students with 13 years of integrated learning of math, computer science, and robotics. The program can be used for either supplementary or first instruction, with students starting at any grade level from kindergarten to 12th grade. For at-promise and gifted students alike, Barobo robotics technologies and curriculum have proven to significantly increase their math performance and college readiness.

Barobo is a University of California, Davis spin-off company, originally funded by grants from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF). We are located in downtown Davis, a university town west of Sacramento, California and an hour from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mission

We create tools for teaching Mathematics with Robotics, Computer Science with Robotics, and Afterschool and Summer Robotics and Robotics-Math Camps, in order to close the achievement gap and inspire the next generation of makers, innovators, and leaders.

The Math Education Challenge

According to the 2018 ACT report on The Condition of College and Career Readiness:

  • The ACT average math score is at a 20-year low, 20.5 out of 36

  • Only 40% of high school graduates were ready for freshman algebra

A transformative solution to the math education challenge is urgently needed. Barobo has stepped up to this national challenge with its higher education conceptualized, industry motivated, teacher validated, school administrator recommended, and parent and student approved solution. 

Barobo Technologies and Solutions

Barobo's Linkbot, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and RoboBlocky technologies and associated curriculum are specifically designed for learning mathematics and computer science and bridging the achievement gap. 

Barobo's Mathematics and Computer Science with Robotics Curriculum and the C-STEM Math and CS Curriculum, provide K-12 students with up to 13 years of integrated math and computer science education. For at-risk and gifted students alike, Barobo robotics technologies and curriculum can significantly increase their STEM performance and college readiness.

Barobo technologies provide a simple approach to programming multiple virtual and/or hardware robots and Arduino and Raspberry Pi physical computing systems. Barobo's flagship product, Linkbot, is a reconfigurable modular robot. It was invented to be simple and versatile for hands-on learning math and coding with robotics. Using it allows teachers, without any coding and robotics experience, and their students to think beyond the textbook and apply the math and CS concepts they are learning to the physical world.  Once fully charged, Linkbot can be used all day long for multiple class sections without interruption. Each Linkbot is a building block with its own brain and actuators. Using Barobo’s SnapConnect technology, multiple Linkbots and accessories can be easily snapped together, without special tools, to create different Linkbot systems for various tasks and projects, such as used in STEAM makerspaces. User-friendly RoboBlocky software allows absolute beginners to quickly get started with Linkbots and Arduino for hands-on learning.

In addition, two Linkbots can be combined into an OmniBot that not only can move forwards and backwards, but also sideways and diagonally. The Pen Connector and Pen Adapter add drawing capabilities to the OmniBot with endless possibilities for creating beautiful artwork using off-the-shelf markers and pencils. Check out this video of the OmniBot in action!


Linkbots can be readily integrated with off-the-shelf sensors using Barobo Arduino and Barobo Raspberry Pi kits. A single program can control multiple Linkbots for solving many math and practical application problems. RoboPlay Competitions allow students in grades 5-12 to use Linkbots to solve real-world math problems in a competitive environment. Barobo educational technologies are being increasingly deployed in classrooms, makerspaces, and afterschool programs worldwide to inspire the next generation of makers, innovators, and leaders.

About Us

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