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Computer Science with Robotics

The standards-compliant TK-12 Computer Science with Robotics curriculum motivates and engages students in learning the fundamentals  of computer science by using hands-on interactive robotics lessons and activities with virtual and/or hardware robots. In addition students gain experience and skills in:

  • Computational thinking

  • Logical thinking and reasoning

  • Reading, following directions, and sequential thinking

  • Spatial relations and fine motor coordination

  • Mathematical modeling and graphing

  • Scientific explorations and error analysis

  • Arts (music and drawing) and design

  • Personalized learning and exploration

  • Collaborative learning and teamwork skills

  • Making the transition from block-based coding to text-based programming in C/C++

Each course in the curriculum is tailored for a specific grade, taking into account cognitive abilities and math levels. Prior coding or robotics experience is not required for each grade level. Each course may be used as a stand-alone curriculum, to supplement existing courses such as computational thinking in science, engineering, robotics, art, etc., or to support the corresponding Mathematics with Robotics course.

The CS with Robotics curriculum culminates in the College Board-endorsed course for AP Computer Science Principles with Robotics.

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