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This pack includes the following product parts:

1x Triangle and Link Block Pack

30x Snap Connector

2x Gripper Pair
4x Bridge Connector

4x L Connector

4x 3" Rectangle Connector

4x 4" Rectangle Connector

4x 5" Rectangle Connector

4x T Connector

2x U Connector

2x Small Ball Caster

8x Snap Connector Cap

2x Circle Connector

1x Screwdriver (to be used by students in Grades 3 and above under the supervision of an instructor)

1x Hacky Sack

1x Pack of Screws and Nuts

      8x 5/16’’ 4-40 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws

      8x 7/16’’ 4-40 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws

      24x 4-40 Hex Nuts

8x Cube Connector

25x #6-32 X 5/16" Screw

1x 8"x10" Resealable Bag

1 Year Extended Warranty 


This pack is suitable for robotics activities and projects for students in all grades.  The large number of accessories in this pack allow students to build their own robot machines and create any imaginable Linkbot systems with unlimited possibilities, as shown in some videos for project ideas and various sample Linkbot systems. The pack can also be used for RoboPlay Competition.


The recommended add-ons for this kit are

RoboPlay Challenge Competition Mat

RoboPlay Challenge Competition Booklets

RoboPlay Accessory Pack (included in Linkbot bundles)

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