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Math + CS + Robots = Success

Learning K-12 Math and CS with Robotics

for Supplemental or Stand-alone Instruction


Explore RoboBlocky at, Barobo's integrated learning environment for teaching and learning

K-12 math, computer science, and engineering design

using both virtual and hardware robots

Standards-Aligned Math with Robotics Curriculum


Barobo's innovative Mathematics with Robotics curriculum is specifically designed for both classroom and expanded learning of K-12 math with coding and robotics, using both virtual and hardware robots.


  • Helps students gain math literacy and make meaningful connections between abstract concepts and real-life applications through over 11,000 lessons and activities


  • Can be used as either first instruction or supplementary instruction aligned with math standards and popular math textbooks, getting started at any grade level from Kindergarten to 12th grade


  • Has been proven to significantly increase math performance and college readiness for both at-promise and gifted students

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Computer Science with Robotics


Barobo's Computer Science with Robotics curriculum introduces K-12 students to the fundamentals of computer science and programming by using hands-on interactive lessons and activities with virtual and hardware robots. 


  • Teaches computational thinking skills appropriate to students' grade level and encourages collaborative learning and teamwork

  • Offers a low floor for beginners and a high ceiling for advanced students, providing a smooth transition from drag-and-drop block-based coding to text-based programming

Engineering Design with Robotics


Barobo's Engineering Design with Robotics curriculum provides a wide variety of engineering design and project ideas for students to use Linkbot robots and accessories to solve real-world problems.


  • Can be used as part of science, engineering, and robotics courses for grades K to 12

  • Covers the Engineering Design standards of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • Includes the building and control of omnidirectional OmniBot robots and an introduction to physical computing using Arduino boards and sensor-based robotics


Robotics & Robotics-Math Camps

Afterschool and Summer Robotics Camps and Robotics-Math Camps are designed for our partners to host locally for their students. Participants build robotic machines and learn coding, engineering, science, art, and music via robotics. The Robotics-Math Camps additionally focus on empowering K-12 students for accelerated and deeper learning of math through programming and robotics projects and the solution of real-world problems using math concepts appropriate to their level. 


  • Provides level-appropriate lessons and activities organized into grade bands: TK-K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12


  • Focuses on the cognitive and socio-emotional aspects of learning, alleviate some of the distress caused by the pandemic, and bring fun back to learning


  • Emphasizes teamwork and communication skills at all levels

RoboBlocky Learning Environment


RoboBlocky is an integrated learning environment for teaching and learning K-12 math, computer science, and engineering design using both virtual and hardware robots.

  • Increases student engagement and enthusiasm with hands-on coding and robotics using customizable virtual robots and reconfigurable hardware robots, specially designed for classroom use

  • Offers language and audio options for lessons and activities to be presented and spoken in multiple languages

  • Enables even teachers with no programming experience to get up and running quickly with interactive and video tutorials, a full-featured Learning Management System for homework assignment and grading, an instant response and student feedback system for use in classrooms and expanded learning, and test and assessment activities


Professional Development


Barobo and the UC Davis C-STEM Center provide professional development sessions for teachers and administrators at school districts that choose to use the Mathematics with Robotics, CS with Robotics, Engineering Design with Robotics, Robotics Camps, and/or Robotics-Math Camps curricula. Sessions can be arranged to fit a district's needs and schedule, and follow-up sessions can be arranged as well. The sessions cover:


  • The use and features of the RoboBlocky integrated learning environment and its K-12 curricula

  • Working with both virtual and hardware robots

  • The RoboBlocky Learning Management System, pedagogical principles and strategies, and much more

Success Stories and Testimonials

  • "Improving math instruction for student success is the most challenging task in K-12 education. Using the Barobo C-STEM math-with-robotics program, assessment results show approximately 13% higher scores for students in the math-with-robotics courses versus general math courses. Most importantly, more students are demonstrating resilience and persistence in their math progression than ever before, which to us, is an immeasurable outcome." Dr. Kenneth Wagner, Assistant Superintendent, Redlands Unified School District, California

  • “RoboBlocky is awesome! Bringing programming to life with the Linkbot! The instructor was excellent! Really made the content interesting. The materials and online curriculum are fantastic. Excellent workshop. So glad I attended.” Margaret Willett, 9th-12th grade CS/coding teacher, Houston, Texas​

  • "Thank you, super informative and easy to follow for someone who has never used programming." Courtney Hesse, 4th grade teacher, Walnut Creek, California

  • "Wow, this workshop is great and I have a lot of ideas for classroom application in my school. This includes tech classes, math, and 'exploration' classes." Donna Chastang, 8th grade technology teacher, Indianapolis, Indiana


37 percentage point increase in 3rd Grade students meeting or exceeding state math standards in a school using the Math with Robotics curriculum (Orange USD)

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