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Learning Math with Coding and Robotics

Math + Robotics = Success!

Barobo's innovative robotics technologies and standards-aligned K-12 math/CS/engineering design curriculum are specifically designed for both classroom and expanded learning of math with coding and robotics. The program:


  • Helps students gain math literacy and make meaningful connections between abstract concepts and real-life applications through over 11,000 lessons and activities


  • Can be used as either supplementary or first instruction aligned with popular math textbooks, getting started at any grade level from kindergarten to 12th grade


  • Has been proven to significantly increase math performance and college readiness for both at-promise and gifted students

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"Improving math instruction for student success is the most challenging task in K-12 education. Using the math-with-robotics program, assessment results show approximately 13% higher scores for students in the math-with-robotics courses versus general math courses. Most importantly, more students are demonstrating resilience and persistence in their math progression than ever before, which to us, is an immeasurable outcome."

--- Dr. Kenneth Wagner, Assistant Superintendent, Redlands Unified School District, California

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