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Course Overview

AP Computer Science Principles with Robotics (APCSPR) is a College Board-endorsed course for teaching AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) and preparing students for the corresponding AP exam. The course has been developed in a partnership between Barobo and the C-STEM Center at the University of California, Davis.


APCSPR Curriculum Cost: FREE

Any teacher in the United States who is teaching an AP Computer Science Principles course may request a free annual instructor license to the APCSPR curriculum and RoboBlocky Learning Management System for the course. Students who are enrolled in the instructor's RoboBlocky APCSPR course also have free access to the curriculum during the period of the course. 

Teachers may use the AP CSP with Robotics course as their primary curriculum or as supplemental material for their existing AP CSP course. The AP CSP robot (either in its virtual or optional hardware form) is a great way to increase student engagement in the course content.


Teachers with a regular RoboBlocky instructor's license can access the AP CSP with Robotics curriculum at no additional cost.

APCSPR Professional Learning (PL) Workshops: FREE

Completion of Professional Learning from approved providers is recommended for teachers planning to teach AP Computer Science Principles with Robotics for the first time. To do so, complete ONE of the following FREE PL options. No prior coding and robotics experience is required.

  • Professional Learning from the UC Davis C-STEM Center:

    • Free virtual workshop on Teaching AP Computer Science Principles with Robotics, to be held July 8-12, 2024, 8:30 am-2:30 pm PDT (online via Zoom). For more information or to indicate your interest in this workshop, please fill out this form.

  • Professional Learning from Barobo:

    • Free 1-day virtual workshop on Quick Start on Teaching AP Computer Science Principles with Robotics, for teachers who have experience teaching AP Computer Science Principles. Date/time: Friday, June 21, 8:30 am-2:30 pm PDT. For more information or to indicate your interest in this workshop, please fill out this form.


Optional Hardware

The APCSPR course uses the virtual robotics of the RoboBlocky learning environment to engage students visually and help build their knowledge and skills of computer programming. The course offers the additional option of using hardware "Linkbot" robots and classroom activity mats to give students real-world, hands-on experience. The Linkbot robots mirror the motions of the on-screen virtual robots, and RoboBlocky can control multiple robots simultaneously. A single Linkbot Super Kit and APCSP Activity Mat can be used for classroom demos and student exploration. (See pricing info at end of page below.)

Colorful Linkot-min.png

Innovative Features

The course provides maximum engagement for students through its blend of robotics with computer science principles and practices. Its innovative features include:


  • The incorporation of the official AP CSP robot (a black triangle), robot grid, and commands among the interface options, which allows students to actually run and experiment with code that controls the movements of the AP CSP robot using virtual robots and/or hardware robots. The example below shows the virtual AP CSP robot traversing a grid, and the video below it shows the hardware robot doing the same.


  • The capability to create and run programs in both block code and AP CSP pseudocode. This feature allows students to get interactive practice with the principles and procedures of AP CSP pseudocode in preparation for the AP CSP exam.


  • The convenience of the built-in RoboBlocky Learning Management System to make assignments and track student work.


  • The ability to create real-time class interaction activities, prompting students with pop-up questions and recording responses in real time.


Explore RoboBlocky and AP CSP Robot Activities

Check out these demo activities to explore the RoboBlocky platform and how the AP CSP virtual robot works (click on image to open the activity in RoboBlocky):​


More information on RoboBlocky can be found in the tutorials and user’s guides here. Teachers who are interested in teaching AP CSP with Robotics can request temporary Guest access to explore the curriculum by contacting us.

Opportunities for Education and PD Providers


If your school district, county office of education, non-profit organization, or college/university would like to offer this free AP CSP with Robotics course and/or the accompanying professional development, or would like to have Barobo hold APCSP professional development at your site, please fill out and submit this form.

Suggested Optional Hardware


Option 1: For Classroom Demos


Option 2: 1 Robot per 2 Students

Linkbot Classroom Bundles and OmniBot Packs are also available for Engineering Design activities that are not part of the AP CSP with Robotics curriculum, but may be used in student projects or the AP CSP Performance Task.

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