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The OmniBot Pack turns two Linkbot-I into a 4-wheeled OmniBot that can move in all directions!  It not only can move forwards and backwards, make turns and circular motion, but also move sideways and diagonally. The Pen Connector and Pen Adapter add drawing capabilities to the OmniBot with endless possibilities for creating beautiful artwork using nearly any off-the-shelf markers and pencils.


Check out this video of the OmniBot in action.


The Pen Connector and Pen Adapter can also be used with the Lego Connection Pack and other Lego parts to make various creations, as shown in the Dual-Pen OmniBot and "Robot Chicken" images above.


This pack includes:

2x Mecanum Wheel for Joint 1

2x Mecanum Wheel for Joint 3

1x Omnibot Pen Connector

1x Pen Connector Adapter

(Linkbots, Cube Connectors, and Snap Connectors not included.)


OmniBot Pack

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