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RoboPlay Competitions

Challenge Competition

RoboPlay Challenge Competition is a theme-based level playing field robotics competition using Barobo Linkbots for students in grades 5-12. It is designed for students to showcase their real-world math problem solving skills in a competitive environment.

Solutions videos for previous challenges are available. These videos help to clarify the challenge, as well as provide a resource for English language learners. Challenge mats and challenge task booklets for students in each division are also available as free pdf files, and hard copies of booklets, full size mats, RoboPlay Complete Kits, and RoboPlay Packs can be purchased at the Barobo Shop

Video Competition

RoboPlay Video Competition is a robotics-centric video competition using Barobo Linkbot, Barobo Arduino, and Barobo Raspberry Pi for students in grades 5-12. It is designed for  students to learn robotics while having fun and exploring their creativity in writing, storytelling, art, music, choreography, design, video editing and film production, and at the same time seamlessly learning STEAM subjects.

Student videos from previous competitions, along with associated documentation, Ch code, and CAD files, are available here.

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