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RoboBlockly at can be accessed by any modern web browser (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, iPad, tablet, smartphone) to experiment with virtual Linkbots. No account and downloads are necessary.


In order to control hardware Linkbots and Barobo Arduino-Compatible boards, either in RoboBlockly, Ch, or Python, software must be downloaded.

IMPORTANT: The links below are for older versions of the software. For the most up-do-date information and versions, please visit

Windows and MacOSX

For Windows and MacOSX there are two software options. To control Linkbots and Barobo Arduino-Compatible boards using the block-based programming available in RoboBlockly, Option 1 is recommended. To add full C programming capabilities and comprehensive curriculum and documentation, Option 2 (C-STEM Studio) is recommended.

Option 1. To control hardware Linkbots and/or Barobo Arduino-Compatible boards using RoboBlockly, download Linkbot Labs v2.5.0 (includes "ChDuino" application to control Arduino boards):​

Option 2. To control hardware Linkbots and/or Barobo Arduino-Uno-Compatible boards using RoboBlockly and Ch and access the full C-STEM curriculum, download the latest C-STEM Studio. C-STEM Studio v6.0 or higher includes Linkbot Labs, Ch Linkbot Controller, Ch IDE (for direct C programming), and Ch Arduino software:


To control hardware Linkbots using a Chromebook, download and install the latest version of the Linkbot IDE (Integrated Development Environment, version 1.5.2) extension:

To use Barobo Arduino-Uno-Compatible boards with a Chromebook, download and install the latest version of the Arduino Controller (version 1.5.2) extension:

Raspberry Pi

Download C-STEMbian, which is a superset of Raspbian. C-STEMbian includes C-STEM Studio, Linkbot Labs, and Ch (Ch is free in C-STEMbian). If you have Raspbian already installed in your Pi, you can just download C-STEM Studio:

Setup Instructions for Using Linkbots and Arduino

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