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 Online Professional Development Workshops for Robotics, Coding, and Math

Barobo is now offering remote learning versions of our professional development workshop.

For more information, or to schedule one, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Professional Development

A Free One-Day Workshop for Teachers and Administrators on

"Integrating Robotics and Arduino into CS and STEAM Education"


To sign up for an upcoming professional development workshop, click on one listed in the schedule below (scroll down to bottom of the page). If you don't see a workshop in your area, click here.

As school districts work to integrate 21st-century CS education into their STEAM curriculum, one significant challenge is the need for professional development to bring teachers and administrators up to speed. That’s why the C-STEM Center at the University of California, Davis and Barobo are partnering to offer school districts a free one-day workshop on general strategies and pedagogy on how to integrate hands-on coding, robotics, and Arduino computing activities into classroom teaching. The workshop is especially relevant for math, computer science, science, technology, digital media and art, and engineering teachers and school and district administrators (grades K-12) in learning how to challenge students to think beyond their textbooks and apply mathematical and scientific concepts to the physical world. Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply new strategies and pedagogies for the integrated teaching of math and CS in compliance with both Common Core math and CS standards

  • Implement district-wide integrated hands-on learning of CS and STEAM at all grade levels

  • Enhance CS and STEAM education using robots, Arduino, and free curriculum, including coding and robotics activities at RoboBlockly ( to stimulate students’ creativity and imagination

  • Bring classroom-friendly robotics and making technologies into classrooms, CTE pathways, and afterschool programs

  • Program and control both virtual and hardware robots using block-based programming and understand the connection to C programming

  • Apply coding and robotics activities to subjects such as math, science, engineering, and art

  • Connect coding and robotics activities to CCSS Math, NGSS, and CS standards

  • Implement sensor-based robotics activities using sensors through Arduino, such as obstacle avoidance

  • Integrate robotics into the AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course and provide a foundation for creating the required CSP computational artifact

  • Employ C-STEM Studio, a full-featured software platform for hands-on, integrated learning of computing and STEM via coding and robotics

  • Participate in level playing field RoboPlay Competitions organized by the UC Davis C-STEM Center

Colorful Linkot-min.png

Improving 3rd Grade Standard Math Test Scores by 72% Over 4 Years


Previous coding or robotics experience is not required, and not only is the workshop itself free, but all participants will receive a free Arduino Basic Kit and full coding/robotics/ Arduino curriculum as PDF files so that they can continue to experiment and explore after the workshop. Arduino microcontroller boards are the most widely used technology for hands-on DIY, physical computing, and Makerspaces.

Comments from recent workshops:

  • "Wow, I think this is great and I have a lot of ideas for classroom application in my school. This includes tech classes, math, and 'exploration' classes." Donna Chastang, 8th grade technology teacher, Indianapolis

  • "Thank you, super informative and easy to follow for someone who has never used programming." Courtney Hesse, 4th grade teacher, Walnut Creek, California 

  • “The instructor covered an insane amount of content in a concise way that I felt was easy to understand. The Linkbot seems incredibly durable and I am impressed with the modular abilities of it.” Jason Kissell, K-12 tech coach, Grove City, Ohio

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive, hands-on activities. The presenter did a fantastic job!" Ed Mondragon, STEM/CTE Coordinator, Granite School District, Salt Lake City


Schedule of Workshops

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