FAQ: Purchasing & Delivery

Can I get Barobo's signed W-9 form?

Yes! It's available here.

How can I pay?

To pay by credit card:

  1. Visit the store.

  2. Put in your order and information.

  3. You're all set!

To pay by purchase order:

  1. Visit the store.

  2. Put in your order and information.

  3. Select the "Offline Payment" option at checkout to be emailed a quote.

  4. To complete your order, email a purchase order to info@barobo.com.

  5. Once we have a purchase order you will receive your items within 20 business days.

  6. You will receive notification and an invoice when your items are shipped.

Tip: Email info@barobo.com for shipping concerns or expedited shipping.

How do I get a price quote?

  1. Go to the store.
  2. Select the items you want and add them to your cart.
  3. Click "View Cart" and checkout.
  4. Fill in your information accordingly, and when you get to Payment, select "Offline Payment."

You should see the following message: "Select this option to receive a formal quote or to pay by purchase order." Press "Continue" and then the "Place Order" button. Don't worry, there is no commitment to buy. The quote will be sent to you by email. Please send purchase orders to info@barobo.com to complete your order.

Our online store adds the sale tax for the purchase placed in California with the default California tax rate of 7.25%. When you receive your quote, you may adjust it to the correct rate on your PO.

How long does it take to get my items delivered?

In general, once we've received a purchase order or payment through credit card, our production will fulfill your order within 20 business days.

If you have any questions regarding when your order will arrive or have special requests, feel free to reach out to our production manager at info@barobo.com.

What if I want my items delivered sooner?

If you'd like to expedite your shipping, email info@barobo.com. Our staff will respond to you shortly to work on a shipping schedule that works for you!

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes we do! Please send all purchase orders to info@barobo.com.