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Coding and Robotics with Linkbot Make Math Learning Fun!

One Investment, Lifelong Benefits


Math is one of the most important subjects in K-12 education. But for many students it is a frustrating stumbling block. The 2018 ACT Annual Condition of College and Career Readiness Report indicated that only 40% of high school graduates were ready for college freshman algebra. It's clear that the traditional approach of learning math using pencil and paper fails to engage and motivate many students and makes the subject difficult to learn.

In contrast, Barobo's Linkbot and its comprehensive curriculum are specially designed to excite students' interest and inspire their motivation in learning math. Linkbot can dance, sing, draw, play piano, and do almost anything you can imagine. Hands-on robotics applications and freely available activities help students make meaningful connections between abstract math concepts and real-life applications. It has been demonstrated in real classrooms that for both struggling and gifted students alike, Linkbot can significantly increase their math engagement and performance.


Students can quickly get started with user-friendly drag-and-drop Linkbot programming in RoboBlocky first, then make a smooth transition to coding in Ch/C/C++ and Python, the most widely used programming languages in college and industry.

As students grow, add-ons such as Barobo Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Robot Sensors help them learn new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. 

Barobo's Linkbot provides students with rich learning experiences, develops their critical thinking and 21st-century problem-solving skills, and prepares them to succeed in post-secondary STEM studies and careers. 

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