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This robot sensor pack includes the following product parts:

1x Color Sensor
2x Short Distance IR Distance Sensor
1x RGB LED Module with Common Positive Lead (Common Anode)

2x RGB LED Module with Common Negative Lead (Common Cathode)

1x Ultrasonic Range Sensor
2x Light Sensor
3x Line Following Sensor
2x Touch Sensor
4x Sensor Bracket

4x Sensor Insert

1x Resealable Anti-Static Foil Bag

A pack of screws and nuts:

    8x 5/16’’ 4-40 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws 

    8x 7/16’’ 4-40 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws 

    24x 4-40 Hex Nuts 



The Barobo robot sensors in this pack are  specially designed for students to learn the working principles of various robot sensors. These commonly used robot sensors can be integrated with Linkbot through Linkbot Arduino-Uno-Compatible Pack and/or Linkbot Pi Pack for all kinds of sensor-based robotics applications, such as line following, light following, obstacle avoidance, robot chasing, robot responding to light and sound, distance finding, and tracking motion using a camera.


With a large number of very easy-to-use Barobo robot sensors, the sky is the limit for your innovation and creativitity, and also what you can do with Linkbot.


The recommended add-ons for this pack are

Pan-Tilt Pack

Mini Breadboard

Robot Sensor Pack

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