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This kit comes with the following product parts:

1x Arduino-Compatible Basic Kit
8x Red LED
8x Green LED
8x Blue LED
8x Yellow LED
2x 7-Color LED with 2 Legs
2x GRB LED with 4 Legs
12x 220 Ohm Resistor
12x 10k Ohm Resistor
1x LDR VT90N2 Photoresistor
1x Male-to-Male Jumper Wires Bundle
3x ACP CA6v 10k Potentiometer
1x Fullsize Breadboard
6x Push Button
1x Resealable Anti-Static Foil Bag

Complete PDF file for the textbook Learning Physical Computing with Arduino for the Absolute Beginner


This Barobo Starter Kit (Arduino-Uno-Compatible) is specially designed for classroom use. It is for teaching and learning physical computing using the C-STEM Physical Computing with Arduino curriculum. The kit includes one Arduino-Compatible Basic Kit plus additional accessories and sensors for getting started with physical computing. The Barobo Arduino-Uno-Compatible board can be  seamlessly used to control Linkbots.


Also available in an 8-kit bundle and a 16-kit bundle.


Get started programming Arduino with RoboBlocky!

Check out our special Hour of Code Arduino activity!


The recommended add-ons for this kit are

Ch Professional Edition

Arduino-Uno-Compatible and Pi Sensor Kit

Linkbot Arduino-Uno-Compatible Pack

Robot Sensor Pack

Pan-Tilt Pack


Arduino-Compatible Starter Kit

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