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This pack comes with the following product parts:

2x 7-Color LED with 2 Legs
4x Push Buttons
2x ACP CA6v 10k Potentiometer
5x 1M Ohm Resistors

2x LDR VT90N2 Photoresistor
1x TMP36 Temperature Sensor
2x 100 uF Capacitor
1x Buzzer
1x SW-520D Tilt Sensor
1x L293D H-bridge IC
2x Diode
1x 1602 LCD with I2C connection
1x 9V Battery Clip with Two Dupont Pins
1x Motor-DC with Two Dupont Pins
1x Motor-Servo
1x MPS2222A  Transistor

1x 9V 650mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (through either Li-ion Battery Charger or  USB Cable)

1x 7" USB-Micro USB Cable for Charging 9V Battery (black)

1x Plastic Storage Protecting Box for 9V Battery
1x Resealable Anti-Static Foil Bag


This Arduino-Compatible and Pi Sensor Pack is specially designed for classroom use. It is for teaching and learning physical computing using the C-STEM Physical Computing with Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi curriculum. This pack contains supplementary accessories and sensors to the Arduino-Compatible Starter Kit and Raspberry Pi Starter Kit, needed for the entire C-STEM Physical Computing with Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi curriculum. 


The components in the Barobo Starter Kit (Arduino-Compatible) and the Arduino-Compatible and Pi Sensor Pack are adequate for all projects described in Part I, Part II, and Part III of the introductory textbook Learning Physical Computing with Arduino for the Absolute Beginner


Many components are specially designed for easy use in classroom teaching. For example, the pack includes a re-chargable high capacity rechargable 9V battery through a USB port, a plastic battery case against short circuits, a battery clip and a DC motor with two Dupont pins for easily building circuits thorough a breadboard.

Arduino-Compatible and Pi Sensor Pack

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