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This pack includes:

1x 7" USB-Micro USB  Cable for Communication between Pi and Linkbot (black)

1x 5V 3000 Amh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

1x Barobo RGB LED

1x 7" USB-Micro USB Cable for 5V Battery (white)

1x 5V Battery Holder

1x Mini Breadboard

3x Snap Connector

1x Cube Connector

1x L Connector

3x Mounting Plate

2x Sensor Bracket

2x Sensor Insert

A pack of screws and nuts:

   2x 3/4" 2-56 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws (for Mini Breadboard)

   8x 2-56 Hex Nuts (for Mini Breadboard)

A pack of screws and nuts:

    8x 5/16’’ 4-40 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws 

    8x 7/16’’ 4-40 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws 

    24x 4-40 Hex Nuts 

(Linkbot, Raspberry Pi, SD card, Sensors are not included)


This pack integrates a Linkbot with Raspberry Pi board. Pi can be used to control Linkbot. The pack allows various sensors to be integrated with Linkbot using Raspberry Pi for sensor-based robot programming. 


Gettng started with programming Linkbot  with RoboBlockly.


A sample project of Raspberry Pi Linkbot Siren Sytem using Linkbot Pi Pack.


The recommended add-ons for this pack are

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Arduino Compatible Uno Starter Kit

Linkbot Pi Pack

Robot Sensor Pack

Raspberry Pi Camera and Pan-Tilt Pack

Mini Breadboard

Linkbot Pi Connection Pack

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