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This kit comes with the following (product list with images):
1x Linkbot-I

1x Linkbot Dongle
3x Snap Connector
2x 3.5" Wheel

2x 4" Wheel
1x Ball Caster

1x Push Scoop

1x 1" Foam Cube Red

1x 1" Foam Cube Green

1x 1" Foam Cube Blue

1x 1" Foam Cube Yellow

1x 36" USB Cable

1x 7" USB Cable

1x 8"x10" Resealable Bag

1 Year Warranty 


This kit allows you to quickly get started with learning robotics, coding, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with a Linkbot. You can control the Linkbot wirelessly with wheels of different sizes for various applications.


Getting started programming Linkbot with RoboBlockly.


The recommended add-ons for this kit are

Ch Professional Edition

Arduino-Compatible Starter Kit

Linkbot Sensor Connection Pack

Robot Sensor Pack

Pan-Tilt Pack

Linkbot Super Kit

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