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PLEASE NOTE: Each OmniBot Pack requires the use of two Linkbot-I robots (not included). Therefore, if you are purchasing OmniBot Packs to go along with Linkbot Bundles, the following quantities are recommended:

  • One OmniBot Pack for each two Linkbot Super Kits ordered
  • Two OmniBot Packs for each 4 Linkbot Bundle ordered
  • Four OmniBot Packs for each 8 Linkbot Bundle ordered
  • Eight OmniBot Packs (or one 8-OmniBot Pack Bundle) for each 16 Linkbot Bundle ordered


The 8 OmniBot Pack Bundle is designed to complement the 16 Linkbot Bundle, because each OmniBot Pack requires two Linkbot robots to create an OmniBot. (So 16 Linkbots can be used with 8 OmniBot Packs to create 8 OmniBot robots.)


Check out this video of the OmniBot in action.


This bundle includes:

8x OmniBot Packs

(Linkbots, Cube Connectors, and Snap Connectors not included.)


8 OmniBot Pack Bundle

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