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This Raspberry Pi Camera and Pan-Tilt Pack includes:

1x Raspberry Pi Camera

1x 12"  Raspberry Pi Camera Cable

1x Universal Pan-Tilt

3x Pan-Tilt Mount

8x 5/16" 2-56 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws (for Pan-Tilt and Camera)

16x 2-56 Hex Nuts 

2x 3/4" 2-56 Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws (for connecting Pan-Tilt and Mouting Plate or Rectangle Connector)


The Pi camera is ideal for image processing and machine vision using Raspberry Pi Starter Kit,  Linkbot Pi Pack, and free Ch OpenCV included in C-STEMbian.


The Pan-Tilt can be used to mount a Raspberry Pi camera using the Linkbot Pi Pack. It can also be used as a univeral moving platform to mount various Barobo Robot Sensors using the Linkbot Uno Pack or Linkbot Pi Pack


The Pan-Tilt Mount can be connected to a Raspberry Pi Camera, Sensor Bracket,  Sensor Insert, Mounting Plate, Rectangle Connector, T-Connector, etc.

Raspberry Pi Camera and Pan-Tilt Pack

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