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This pack includes the following product parts:
1x Linkbot-L (joints 1 and 2 can move, joint 3 fixed)

1x RoboPlay Accessory Pack

1 Year Extended Warranty 


This pack can be used for various projects by a group of 3-5 students. This pack can used along with four Linkbot-I (individually available in a Linkbot Super Kit) for solving challenge tasks in RoboPlay Challenge Competitions with a team of 3-5 students. The solution videos from previous challenges are useful in clarifying the description of challenges. The videos also help students in reading and learning English through team work, especially those who are Englsih language learners.


A large number of accessories in this pack allow students to create any imaginable Linkbot systems with unlimited possibilities, as shown in some videos for project ideas and various sample Linkbot systems.


The recommended add-ons for this kit are

RoboPlay Challenge Competition Mat

RoboPlay Challenge Competition Booklets

RoboPlay Pack

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