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Barobo Goes to the Capital Air Show

The whole Barobo team went to the Capital Air Show a couple weekends ago. I personally had a very small idea of what I would be doing. I thought I would be talking to aviation enthusiasts and military pilots, but oh how I was very wrong. I knew I would be helping the team talk about our Linkbots and how they fit into STEM curriculum, but I was pleasantly surprised at how effectively the Linkbots attracted and engaged a veritable horde of kids from 6 to 60.

At any time over the entire day of the air show, there were no less than 20 kids playing with our Linkbots. We were overwhelmed by the attention we were receiving from these kids. Almost every visitor wanted to learn about the unique features integrated into our Linkbots like Pose Coding and treated them like monstrous automated building blocks by linking these robots with accessories like the snap connector, bridge connector, and cube connector.

Linkbots were made to be fun. We definitely accomplished that part of our mission when we were scrambling to put a Linkbot in every childs’ hands that day, but what stood out the most was its educational application. I had the opportunity to talk to a few teachers who walked by our booth. Some of them wanted the means to help children learn coding as an after school program with our curriculum. Others wanted our Linkbots to augment their own robots and curiculum. I also met a retired engineer who wanted to start her own home business teaching kids how to code.

Check out our gallery of the airshow below!

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