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Barobo and SoftIntegration Release Programming Education Solution


Barobo ( and SoftIntegration ( are giving teachers with little to no programming experience the tools they need to teach their students vital 21st century skills. Ch for Barobo Linkbot gets kids coding in the classroom using any device with a browser without having to install software, drivers, or an app.

Barobo and SoftIntegration have formed a strategic partnership to combine introductory coding software and modular robotics. Demand for basic computer programming skills continues to grow rapidly, but educators have encountered challenges bringing computer programming into the classroom. This partnership is instrumental in solving that problem.

Because of how complex coding can be, teachers need a tool that allows younger students to develop the skills necessary to tackle these complex programming languages.

Barobo and Soft Integration have teamed up with UC Davis’ C-STEM Center to develop curriculum for the classroom. Ch, a language created by SoftIntegration makes learning C/C++ concepts more accessible to K-12 students across California.

Barobo’s Linkbot Hub is a device that enables any teacher to control Linkbot robots using Ch in the classroom. Educators access curriculum and programming environments like Ch using a web portal at With a Linkbot Hub plugged into the classroom local area network students and teachers will gain access to a fully featured integrated development environment (IDE) through the browser without having to install software of any kind.

“I've been using the Linkbot Hub with the Linkbots this year. The Hub allowed the students to learn to program right on their Chromebooks. We didn't need to have dedicated computers with all the software, everything was just ready to go. The students improved on some difficult math concepts. They learned both Ch and Python programming languages. Having all these tools on the Linkbot Hub made it so easy to get the robots going right away.” --Ray Stuckey Math Teacher at Rodriguez High School

With the combined technologies of Barobo and SoftIntegration, educators can begin teaching students as young as Kindergarten to code. These introductory coding languages, like Ch, have vast applications. As students approach more complex curriculum and projects, this integration of software and robotics motivates and encourages younger students to stay engaged in computer science leading to an interest in science, technology, engineering and math careers.


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