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Third Annual Valley View S.T.E.M. Expo

A big thank you to Valley View Elementary School for inviting us to the Third Annual Valley View S.T.E.M Expo last Friday, April 21. Our scientists David Ko, Alex Godbout, and Karen Wu enjoyed talking to the 410 eager kids and answering their questions! Here at Barobo Inc, our mission has always been to inspire kids to stay interested in STEM. We enjoyed volunteering our time and showing the students what the Linkbots and Linkbot Labs can do.

This energy-filled event featured over 25 other super scientists from a diversity of fields. We also met scientists from PodPi, who we admire for sharing their love of coding through comic books! The biggest reward was seeing the younger kids lineup to get their hands on the Linkbot. As the younger kids played with the Linkbot’s tilt drive mode, some older fifth/sixth graders surrounded our Chromebooks to work on Linkbot Labs’ Blockly. We noticed how fast kids were able to pick up coding. A team of girls resonate in our mind on their ability to program the Linkbot to beep and change LED colors.

We would like to thank the principal Shari Anderson hosting the event at her school, and also for treating us to a tour of their cool Tinker Lab. It’s great to see schools involved in cutting edge teaching practices and taking steps towards tech-forward education. All in all, we look forward to volunteering for this excellent event next year!

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