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7th Annual C-STEM Day

Barobo Inc came out to join the fun on May 20th to UC Davis’ 7th Annual C-STEM Day RoboPlay Challenge Competition. Teams from across California came out to compete. It was incredible to see even elementary school teams joining the fray.

We could feel the energy as we watched the students high-five and cheer while their robots drove across the search-and-rescue-themed mat. It was a great turn out with 580 students and 130 teams participating, the largest turnout yet. One of the highlights was reading off the crazy creative team names--my favorite being “Code-Blooded”.

As the coding industry continues to grow, we hope to match that growth in coding education and help young minds stay interested in the technologies of tomorrow. We hope to come again next year to cheer on the teams and see where the students’ creativity takes the Linkbot.

More information about the event check out:

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