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[Project] A Linkbot Clock System


Linkbot is a reconfigurable modular educational robot. In this project, a Clock Linkbot System, consisting of one Linkbot-I, is used as an example to demonstrate how a simple Linkbot coding can help create a clock system. The system can be used to learn the math concepts of angle, clock, ratio, and proportion, etc.

(Project Description and Program in PDF File)

(Clock Template PDF file)


  • Grades: 4 – 12

  • Duration: 2-10 Hours

  • Level: Beginn

Products Used in the Project:

  • Linkbot Starter Kit

  • Cube Connecto

Parts Used in the Project:

  • 1 Linkbot-I (used as the base for the clock)

  • 1 Cube Connector (used as a stand)

  • 2 Snap Connector

  • 1 x 3.5” Wheel

  • Clock Print / and cut out​

Tools Used in the Project:

  • Scissors

  • Tape


First, the paper clock handout is reshaped by cutting out the smaller, grey circle with the scissors. Then, cut slightly outside the black outline to leave the rest of the circular clock design. Once the clock is cut out, the Linkbot I is set up by placing the part of the clock that was cut out onto joint 1. Tape the paper clock on the sides of the Linkbot without taping the paper clock on the moving joint itself. The number 12 on the clock should be facing straight