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Barobo Launches Linkbot Complete Kit and Linkbot Labs 2.0 for Learning Math and Computer Science

Davis, CA, May 28, 2019 — Barobo, Inc. today announced the availability of Linkbot Complete Kit and Linkbot Labs 2.0. Barobo has changed the way students learn math and computer science through its innovative Linkbot robotics program. Linkbot is a reconfigurable modular robot. It was invented with its simplicity and versatility for hands-on learning math and computer science. Each Linkbot is a building block. Multiple Linkbots and accessories can be easily snapped together, without special tools, to create different Linkbot systems for various tasks and projects.

The Linkbot Complete Kit comes with two Arduino boards, and a large number of accessories and sensors. This allows users to play and learn with any sensor-based robot applications such as line following, obstacle avoidance, responding to light and sound, etc. There are no limits to what users can do with Linkbot.

Linkbot Labs allows the user to connect a computer to Linkbots, control them through a graphical user interface (GUI), and program them in Ch (a C/C++ interpreter) or Python. Linkbot Labs 2.0 enables the user to control hardware Linkbot and Arduino from RoboBlockly directly. Based on Google's Blockly, RoboBlockly uses a simple puzzle-piece interface to program both hardware and virtual Linkbot for students to learn coding, robotics, Arduino, and math.

Linkbot and related curriculum are being increasingly deployed in classrooms, Makerspaces, and afterschool programs worldwide. Linkbot is also used in RoboPlay Competition, a theme-based level playing field robotics competition for students in grades 5-12. RoboPlay, organized by UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM), is designed for student teams, based on their math skill levels, to showcase their real-world math problem solving skills in a competitive environment.

About Barobo, Inc.

Barobo, Inc. is the leader of educational robotics for learning math and computer science. Barobo develops robotics hardware, software, and curriculum for hands-on learning math and problem solving through coding and robotics. Barobo provides the simplest approach to programming multiple robots, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Linkbot, the company’s flagship product, allows teachers and their students to think beyond their textbooks and apply the math concepts they are learning to the physical world. For at-risk and gifted students alike, our computing and robotics technologies and curriculum can significantly increase their math performance and readiness for college and career.


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