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Linkbot Labs 1.0.8 Released for Raspberry Pi 2

We are pleased to announce that Linkbot Labs and the Python curriculum now run on the Raspberry Pi 2. In order to install the software, you will have to be running Raspbian Jessie, released in September 2015 for the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is a tiny quad-core computer with 1 gig of memory. It is designed to be affordable yet powerful, capable of rendering 1080p videos.

For potential users and classrooms who do not own PCs and are interested in using Linkbot Labs to teach Python and programming, the Raspberry Pi may be an affordable solution, typically costing around $40 for just the bare board, or around $80 with accessories. Furthermore, the Raspberry Pi’s accessible hardware and GPIO allow it to be used as part of a large variety of technical curricula and robotics projects. With the addition of Linkbot Labs to the already expansive Raspberry Pi ecosystem, we hope to provide an accessible resource to help programmers progress from Scratch to Python to Robots to Microcontrollers.

Installation instructions for how to install Linkbot Labs on your Raspberry Pi 2 can be found here.

Read more about the Raspberry Pi here.

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