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Use LArduino Coding for Sensor-Based Robotics!

Barobo Linkbots and Arduino microcontrollers can be combined with a wide array of sensors to take any project to the next level. They can be used separately or together using our block-based coding site Our LArduino blocks are designed especially to control your Arduino board and attached accessories directly through the Linkbot SnapConnector technology.

In the example shown above, a Linkbot is connected to an ultrasonic sensor, and LArduino code on RoboBlockly directs the Linkbot to drive until the sensor detects an obstacle. We have created activities to get started using LArduino code and sensor-based robotics on our RoboBlockly hour of code page.

The Robot Sensor Pack includes sensors with the capabilities to follow lines, respond to light and sound, display LCD graphics, and track motion using a camera. When combined with our Linkbot, Arduino Starter Kit, and Linkbot Uno Pack, the creative possibilities are endless!

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