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[Project] Control a Windmill Linkbot System with Lego Parts


Linkbot can be linked with Lego parts and controlled together with multiple Mindstorms NXT/EV3 bricks in a single program using Linkbot Lego Connection Pack. In this project, a Windmill Linkbot System, with one Linkbot-I and one Linkbot-L with Lego parts, is used as an example to demonstrate how Lego parts can be used as accessories for a Linkbot system.

(Project Description and Program in PDF File)


  • Grades: 5 – 12

  • Duration: 2-8 Hours

  • Level: Intermediate

Parts Used in the Project:

  • 1 Linkbot-I (used as a moving base)

  • 1 Linkbot-L (used as a rotor)

  • 3 Cube Connector

  • 5 Snap Connector

  • 2 Lego Wheel Connector

  • 2 Lego Wheel

  • 1 Lego Technic Connector

  • 1 Lego windmill


As shown in Figure 1, one Linkbot-I is used for the moving base of the windmill. A Linkbot-L is used for the rotor of the windmill. Two Lego wheels are connected using two Barobo Lego Wheel Connectors to Linkbot-I, rather than the Linkbot wheels. The Barobo Lego Technic Connector is used to connect to the Lego Windmill. Cube Connectors are used to elevate the rotor of the windmill.

Figure 1: The configuration with Linkbot-I and Linkbot-L and Lego parts for the Windmill Linkbot System.