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RoboPlay Challenge Competition

RoboPlay Challenge Competition

This competition simulates a real-world problem, such as Space Exploration, Racing and Automative, where a robotic solution must be quickly developed and deployed, using only existing resources with the constraint of the time.

The competition challenges students to creatively use Linkbots and accessories to complete various tasks. The competition arena and specific challenges will be unknown to participants until the day of the competition. Using their math, programming, and problem solving skills, student teams try to most efficiently obtain the highest score for each task on their own.

Host RoboPlay Challenge in Schools and Districts

Based on the previous RoboPlay Challenge Competition brochures and solution videos, as well Competition Mats, school districts can host their local RoboPlay Challenge for students in grades 1-12 in their districts. For example, as reported in the news, Northwest Local School District in Cincinnati, Ohio has hosted such a RoboPlay Challenge each year for their students at the end of academic year for the past several years.

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