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Unlimited Linkbot Possibilities

Be inspired by the examples of projects shown below to build your own! Or check out these sample Linkbot systems for further ideas, and even more videos here.

If you would like to showcase your project here, please contact us with a link to your web page or send us the project video. It will be added if selected.

RoboPlay Video Competition

RoboPlay Video Competition is a robotics-centric video competition for K-12 students. All source code for the robot motions and CAD files used in the videos for the past competitions as well as award-winning videos are available here for others to duplicate and modify for their own projects. Check out the competition videos below!

Controlling Linkbots through Programs

crane2-low resolution.png
arduinoDog-low resolution.png
linkbot arduino side 1 low

Controlling Linkbots through BumpConnect 

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